Building and Supporting Downtown Indianapolis

Research Area: Economic Development

In 2014, the Institute in partnership with Urban Initiatives began a study of financing strategies for Indianapolis Downtown Inc. (IDI), composed of four elements.

The first element will seek to describe all financing mechanisms and economic development incentives (including all unique combinations) that are currently used to support the infrastructure, services, and organizations of downtown Indianapolis. The second element will describe IDI’s current funding status and identify any unmet and underfunded programs and projects, including new responsibilities recommended in the Velocity plan. The third element will seek to identify the unmet and underfunded program and maintenance needs that while not directly IDI’s responsibility have the potential to impact downtown’s economic contribution to the city, region, and state. The fourth element of the analysis will include the development of alternative strategies for meeting the unmet and underfunded needs of IDI and will include broad estimates of the potential revenue associated with each strategy.

Drew Klacik
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